Services and referral

SDO provide a private manual therapy service as practised by osteopaths for patients with neck or back pain via self and GP referral. Our service is accessible, patient centred and of a high quality. The service is evidence based in keeping with the AQP neck and back care specification for patients with neck and back pain. Patients are seen in a familiar safe environment at a location and time convenient to them.

Referral criteria:

A patient is eligible for referral to the service if they present with primarily back or neck pain with or without ‘referred’ symptoms to the limbs including:

  • Whiplash associated disorders
  • Stiffness and restricted movement
  • Cervicogenic headaches
  • ‘Mechanical’ neck and low back pain
  • Degenerative pain
  • Postural related neck and back pain. 

Initial assessment includes a comprehensive case history, relevant examination and hands on treatment which may include;

  • Massage – to release and relax muscles
  • Stretching stiff joints and muscles.
  • Articulation – where your joints are moved through their natural range of motion
  • Mobilisation – where a joint is taken to its restricted end range and assisted to increase its active range.
  • High-velocity thrusts – high velocity low amplitude trust to joints to increase mobility/range of motion. 

A strong emphasis is placed on

  • Education; use of leaflets and models.
  • Information on neurophysiology and pain management (relaxation strategies, pleasant imagery, counting methods , focal point diversion, and coping strategies were applicable)
  • Postural advice.
  • A printed home exercise plan. 

The aim is to increase the patient’s ability to self manage at discharge.
At discharge details of patients care and advice will be sent to patients GP.

Advice on future care will be in keeping with Map of Medicine local spinal pathways.